Riaan started his construction journey by subcontracting for Major companies and came to the realization very early that he would like to start building clients’ dreams. He opened up his company doors in 2008.

Annemarie studied Interior Design at TUT and in 2006, during her 3rd year, she started working for a major architectural firm.

Riaan and Annemarie always loved sharing their ideas and knowledge about the construction and design barrier.

They had numerous opportunities to work together and fully comprehend the importance of having seamless communication from the concept phase, right to the end of the handover.

The idea sparked very early in their careers to work together. As their knowledge and experience grew through time they finally took the leap and opened a full turnkey solution to their clients. With an unending passion for the building and design industry, they give the client the aesthetic and practical value to work as a power team on each project, from start to finish.

Inyathi TKP, with Riaan Venter as the owner and visionary, started as a small construction company and has grown into a successful company with excellent relationships with clients, architects and designers across South Africa.

20 years of experience giving quality and professional service to each client. We work with top market architects and designers and projects range from small renovations to newly built upmarket properties in Africa.

Annemarie Venter’s life as an interior designer revolves around making spaces beautiful. Her passion is to dig deep into her client’s perspective to enable her to design a unique space for the individual by marrying textures, colours, and finishes.

Our passion is to make the individual’s dream a reality and make the process exciting with minimal stress.


Our mission is to change the norm of building and finishing off each project. To turn the process into a less stressful and difficult process by giving a full turnkey service and solving problems before the client even knows about the issues. To take on every journey with the client and involving the client in the process, timelines, and decision making. We make the journey personal as each project is an investment to the individual. We are transparent from the first meeting to the finished project.

We use the highest quality of materials to give a cost-effective and upmarket quality to each client.

We use a detailed program for each project to ensure timelines are met. Cleaning of site is crucial to ensure safety and quality on site.


Our team is professional and will always give 100% to any client’s needs, big or small. We provide an experienced team with managers for every site to ensure that the project runs on time and is completed with the highest quality.

Inyathi TKP - The Team - A Turnkey Construction solution